It's NOT about Owning the Best Players

by Jackk on Oct 13, 2014

The 2014-2015 NBA season starts in a bit over a month, and fantasy players everywhere are flocking to mock drafts to practice for their real drafts. As one of the mock drafters I was drafting with said,

Everyone thinks after the draft that they drafted the best team

I bring this quote up because its true. You drafted all your favorite players and got to go first and got Kevin Durant and you got tons of big name players which make the all-star team yearly. And yet you're in 4th of 5...

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Let Him Be Someone Else's Problem

by Jackk on Sep 14, 2014

Some call it Do Not Draft lists. Others call it Buyers Beware. I prefer to call it Let Him be Someone Else's Problem


I still remember my first year playing fantasy basketball. I joined a friend's friend's league of friends, who set their draft on Sunday at 10 am the week before Christmas (this was the year of the NBA strike), a time when I church. Being the good Christian that I was (well, maybe I'm not that good at that either, but I digress), there was ...

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Complements to 1st Round Players

by Jackk on Sep 14, 2014

Its not who you draft, but how they fit together. Sometimes when looking at stats, its difficult to figure out how players will go together. Look at this list like those fancy dinner menus, where they teach you what wine to pair with which entrees. Whoever you take in the first round is your steak. Consider the following wines/appetizers to pair with it:



In general, all stats are positive (meaning a player poor in the area will not harm your team) except for three ca...

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Kevin Durant

by Jackk on Sep 14, 2014

1. Kevin Durant

  • Elites: FT%, 3's
  • Strengths:
  • Out-of-Positions: FG%, Assists, Rebounds
  • Neutral: Blocks, Steals
  • Negligent: None
  • Weaknesses: Turnovers

Commentary: Other than high turnover rate (which is natural, given his usage), Kevin Durant is an all-around fantasy player with no other weakness. Providing both elite Free Throw percentage and volume as well as elite 3's, Durant is also very strong in FG% (shooting over 50%) while producing solid assists and rebounds f...

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